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Georgia’s rich and multifaceted history is full of events that not only cause admiration for its outstanding cultural and civilizational achievements, such as its own unique alphabet, outstanding literature, original dances and paintings, excellent cuisine, but also force you to empathize with the centuries-old dramatic struggle for the independence and integrity of the state, as well as persistent upholding of their own cultural and religious values, which are the very essence of national authenticity and self-identification. Without claiming the laurels of recognized masters of the genre, such as Shakespeare or Dostoevsky, we will nevertheless draw your attention to a separate episode of this extraordinary chronology.



There is a region in the south-west of Georgia that has been under Ottoman rule for centuries - Adjara - which resulted in an incredible mixture of eastern and western cultures, architectural styles, everyday life, folklore, gastronomic traditions, Christianity and Islam. Due to the unique geographical location, the region surprisingly combines snowy mountains and a warm sea, natural beauties and man-made sights. Thanks to its special past, it not only combines eastern and Georgian customs of hospitality, but also is a synthesis of the best of various cultures that have left their indelible mark on this fertile land.


Adjara is a real kaleidoscope in which numerous contrasting elements add up to an incredible dizzying cocktail of amazing impressions and truly vivid emotions.


We invite you to visit the place where eastern and western cultures meet each other, to personally experience the indescribable atmosphere of Batumi - the second largest and most famous city in Georgia - and to discover a Different story.



In just a few days you will be able to:  


- visit various climatic zones collected in one place;


- get acquainted with the masterpieces of stunning Adjarian cuisine and unique folklore of the region;


- relax and sunbathe at sea;


- see a variety of historical and architectural attractions;


- take part in social and night life events, which Batumi is so famous for;


- try the legendary Batumi coffee and fortune-tell on coffee grounds;


- meet the sunrise or sunset on the beach or in the mountains.


Adventures await you! An unforgettable experience is very close! You just need to call or contact us in any way that is convenient for you.

We will do the rest.



A Different Story


Tour Program: 



Day One (Story of Acquaintance):


- meeting, transfer, hotel accommodation, relaxation;


- a walking tour in the capital of Adjara, awarded such prestigious international awards as the “Best New Resort” (American Hospitality Academy) and “The Best Fast-Growing Tourist Destination in Europe” (World Travel Awards), during which you will walk around old Batumi, see the Europe Square famous for its extravagant architectural ensemble and an incredible concentration of attractions, visit the modern Miracle Park, take a look at one of the oldest and most beautiful temples of the city - St. Nicholas Church, plunge into a romantic atmosphere of beautiful stained glass and marble mosaic of Piazza, stroll through enchanting Batumi Boulevard;


- a visit to one of the most famous Adjarian masters, who carefully preserved the family secrets of the high art of winemaking, almost completely lost in this region as a result of three centuries of Ottoman domination;


- an acquaintance with the Adjarian wines going through renaissance, the most famous representative of which is Chkhavery, and a long-awaited lunch in the shade of home garden to the accompaniment of traditional urban romances and warm sea breeze;


- free time, relaxation.



Day Two (Story of Beauty): 


- a trip to the citadel known from ancient times - the ancient Roman fortress of Gonio Apsaros, which is currently a museum-reserve of unique historical and archaeological value, where, according to the legend, the apostle Matthew died and was buried;


- a visit to the Borjgalo Ethnographic Museum, a traditional Adjarian village in miniature, which realistically recreates the everyday lifestyle of various sectors of society and allows you to better understand the features of life, culture and mentality of people who live in this wonderful land. While walking among the exact replicas of various buildings that to the smallest detail correspond to their originals and are populated by realistic dolls, busy with daily routines, you can feel yourself as a real magician, able to stop time and look into any house, while remaining invisible to its inhabitants, and a quiet story accompanying you, the sole creator of the entire exposition, will make this impression truly complete;


- a visit to the famous Adjarian wine house, comfortably located in a beautiful place - on the banks of the Machakhela River in the gorge of the same name, where you can taste exclusive wine made in limited quantity of 10, 000 bottles per year, learn all about its production and enjoy a great lunch in nature or under the stone arches of a traditional maraní;



- a trip to the Makhuntseti waterfall - a real natural monument - whose crystal streams flow in a fascinating cascade into a stone bowl, giving a weary traveller freshness and coolness even during the hottest day, and the surrounding beauties that provide the opportunity to take excellent photographs as a keepsake;


- a walk to the arch bridge of Queen Tamara, an ancient stone structure that has survived numerous wars and earthquakes in more than eight hundred years of its history and that has been perfectly preserved to this day and continues to fulfil its original purpose;


- return to extravagant Batumi, free evening and overnight stay.



Day Three (Story of Sea): 


- a trip to the ruins of a Byzantine fortress of Peter, dated to the 6th century AD, a real stone stronghold located on the spur of the Meskheti Range, adjoined against the Black Sea. The stepped terraces twined with wild ivy evoke associations with the hanging gardens of Babylon, and the soft whisper of leaves and rustle in the grass seem to tell the attentive listener about the most exciting episodes of past events. The place is shrouded in a special atmosphere of silence and solitude, and the views from the top of the fortress will not leave anyone indifferent;


- a visit of the Batumi fish market, where you can find out what got into the fishing nets of local fishermen this morning and choose a fresh fish for lunch. Your catch will be immediately cooked in one of the nearest family restaurants. A real feast of seafood is waiting for you;


- free time and overnight stay.



Day Four (Story of the Soul): 


- a visit to the Batumi Botanical Garden - one of the largest and most beautiful botanical gardens in the world, conveniently divided into nine different phyto-geographical areas, which visually represent all the richness and diversity of the green world of plants. The aroma of rare flowers, mixed with the smell of eucalyptus and cypress, oak and linden, pine and fir, boxwood and oleander, rosemary and cinnamon, generously diluted with fresh sea breeze, will infatuate and make you breathe deeply. The quiet rustle of a bamboo grove will complete the picture of relaxation and full unity with nature and will convince you to linger longer in this amazing man-made kingdom of nature.



- a visit to an ordinary peasant family, where, in anticipation of a delicious dinner, you will be able to personally taste the treasures of a home marani, and take your favourite wine with you to a real village feast with sincere toasts and hearty songs;


- return to Batumi, rest and free time.



They say that all good things come to an end. We, the team of "Tbilisi Sio", strongly disagree with this. Therefore, we have prepared other fascinating journeys for you in this amazing country. It is in your power to extend this tale, and we will be happy to help you with this - right now or next time.


Always at your service, your "Warm Wind".

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