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Whisper of the Vine

Having made an unforgettable immersion with us in the wonderful world of wine in Eastern Georgia, having imbued with the vivid history and deep philosophy of the people, for whom the vine and winemaking are not just a national culture, but an inseparable part of the soul, having touched those subtle, sensual areas where matter dissolves into the kinship of souls who know how not only to appreciate, but to truly understand the oldest noble drink known to mankind, you have been able to gain that unique experience, the significance of which is truly impossible to overestimate.


Now a ruby ​​drop shimmering with all the rainbow colours in your glass also sparkles in your heart, and you just need to close your eyes again to feel all the finest facets of the splendour that is called wine. Now there are no mysteries for you either in the refined mastery of winemaking, or in the innermost knowledge of true pleasure.


And now we would like to ask you: do you know what the vine whispers about when the first rays of the rising sun light it up? What is it going to tell an attentive listener in the amber rays of sunset, when the warm evening wind gently fingers its leaves? Are you ready to hear and not just to listen? Hear the…

Whispers of the Vine ...

Thus, let’s not lose a minute! Let's go to Western Georgia, where we will get acquainted with the famous wines and wine traditions of Imereti, Racha and Samegrelo.



In just a few days you will be able to:


- get acquainted with a diverse palette of Western Georgian wines;


- understand the intricacies of the wine making process inherent in Western Georgia with the help of leading manufacturers;


- visit modern wine production and traditional wine cellars (‘marani’);


- take part in a variety of tastings, where you will master the intricacies of a proper acquaintance with West Georgian wine;


- find out how chacha from Imereti, Racha and Samegrelo differs from that of Kakheti and Kartli;


- become a true connoisseur of Georgian wine, distinguish not only technology and quality, but also the region where the drink was made;


- make your own unique wine;


- independently present the wines to your friends and acquaintances upon returning home, as well as share the acquired knowledge with the skill of a true expert.



Adventures await you! An unforgettable experience is very close!


You just need to call or contact us in any way that is convenient for you.


We will do the rest.


Whisper of the Vine


Tour Program:



Day One (Discovery of Colchis):


- a trip to the region of Imereti, acquaintance with the Imereti viticulture and winemaking, the visiting cards of which are such vintage wines as ‘Tsolikouri’, ‘Tsitska’, ‘Krakhuna’, ‘Sviri’ and ‘Dimi’;


- a visit to the unique Likhi Range - the only continuous ridge of Transcaucasia that connects Greater Caucasus with Lesser Caucasus and which is a watershed of the Black and Caspian Seas and, due to its unique location, divides the country's territory into various climatic and plant zones;


- a visit to the picturesque village of Sazano, where you can enjoy the beauty of the traditional Imereti court, as well as first-hand experience why Imeretians are considered the most cheerful and hospitable people in Georgia;


- acquaintance with the Imereti method of making wine with the subsequent tasting of the best varieties of village marani accompanied by breathtaking masterpieces of Imereti home cooking, such as phali, green tomato, flattened and grilled chicken, ketsi (earthenware bread-baking dish) that will serve as the best accompaniment to live music in your glass;


- a night rest in the warm and friendly atmosphere of a real Imereti house, where you will feel yourself as the most welcome guests.



Day Two (Alpine Georgia):


- a trip to the Racha region, which is deservedly considered Georgian Switzerland due to the unique climatic conditions, the visiting cards of which are such vintage wines as ‘Aleksandruli’, ‘Mujuretuli’, ‘Orbeluri’ and ‘Khvanchkara’;


- a visit to the former summer residence of the Imereti kings, the mountain capital of the region - Ambrolauri, famous for its pristine nature and pacifying atmosphere, incredible beauties of breathtaking alpine scenery and an amazing variety of mountain landscapes;


- a visit to the Khvanchkara wine corporation, where you will learn all about the production of one of the most famous Georgian brands and taste its products exclusively;


- dinner in a village ‘marani’ (a wine cellar) with a tasting of real Khvanchkara home-made wine, accompanied by the best dishes of this region: beans, ham, bean pie and, of course, the famous local specialty food – ham from Racha, as if specially created in order to fully reveal all the shades of those magnificent life-giving drinks that this unique corner of Georgia can present;


- a night rest and rejuvenation in cosy Ambrolauri.



Day Three (The Lost World):


- a trip to the pristine and unexplored by most of the guests of Georgia region - the fabulous Lechkhumi, through narrow rocky gorges, mountain gorges with stormy streams thundering at the bottom with crystal clear water and ancient impregnable mountains covered with relict forests along the Gvirishi river crowned with the same-name waterfall, all wild beauty of which you can feel and see from a specially arranged viewing platform made of glass;


- a visit to the village of Tvishi, where in a village marani you can enjoy a glass of genuine Tvishi, evaluate its natural sweetness and freshness of harmoniously interwoven honey and fruit notes and appreciate a generous gift of untouched nature that could reveal itself only in this unique place;


- a visit to the historical capital of the Lechkhumi principality - the city of Tsageri, famous for its pristine beauty and unique temple architecture, unlike other Georgian churches, where you can taste the local specialty food - Shkmeruli chicken, cooked in exact accordance with the original recipe and in the same way as many centuries ago;


- a night's rest in Tsageri under the canopy of the majestic Khvamli mountain range.



Day Four (Its Nameless Majesty):


- a trip along the road into the clouds to the legendary Mount Khvamli, a mystical and sacred place. According to the myths of ancient Greece, it was Prometheus who was chained to the top of this mountain, daring to disobey the gods and give people fire; it was here that Jason brought Heracles and the other Argonauts to get the legendary Golden Fleece; it was here that the grave of the heavenly patron of Georgia, St. George the Victorious, was discovered and, finally, it is this mountain, according to the Georgian national annals “The Life of Kartli”, that will one day save the country;


- a visit to the village of Okureshi, the only micro zone in the world where depending on the crop, only 1000 to 1500 litres of Usakhelauri wine are produced each year. This is the wine which is so magnificent and perfect that people cannot find a name worthy of its true Greatness, and therefore it is called Nameless (Usakhelauri - translated from Georgian). Not every guest has the honour to get acquainted with ‘Its Nameless Majesty’, but we guarantee this to you;


- a stop in a picturesque place - Green Lake, a real lost pearl in the treasury of the Lechkhumi region, where you can taste the freshest fish caught specially for you and once again recall all the events of this busy day;


- return to the beloved Tsageri, free time and night rest.



Day Five (City of Kutaisi):


- a trip to the most beautiful cave of Georgia - Kumistavi, or the cave of Prometheus - providing a unique opportunity to enjoy the bewitching idyll of the underworld accompanied by pacifying music: stalactites and stalagmites of the most bizarre shapes and sizes, an underground river of crystalline purity and transparency, forming a real lake and, finally, an incredible underground waterfall. The harmonious combination of static and dynamic lighting, made by the best world masters, will not give you a chance to break away for a second from the natural splendour unfolding in front of you;


- hotel accommodation in Kutaisi, free time and night rest;


- a walking tour in the old Kutaisi - the administrative center of Imereti, the ancient capital of the Colchis and Abkhazia kingdoms, during which you will see temples and monasteries included in UNESCO's world heritage list, the former residence of the Imereti kings, the famous opera house, the Colchis fountain, a historical museum with a unique a collection of exhibits, the old Jewish quarter, you will be able to ride on the cable car and, most importantly, feel a special unique atmosphere of this city;


- dinner and night rest in Kutaisi.



Day Six (Princedom of Samargalo):


- a trip to the Samegrelo region, the cradle of the Colchis kingdom and the whole of Georgian civilization, the visiting cards of which are wines such as ‘Ojaleshi’, which has received well-deserved recognition, as well as almost unknown to a wide circle of wine enthusiasts, but not inferior to it, ‘Koloshi’ and ‘Chvitiluri’;


- a visit to a unique natural monument - Martvili Canyon, where you can see traces of prehistoric animals, take a ride on an emerald water surface in an inflatable boat, take a walk in the long-awaited coolness, exposing your face to a fresh gentle wind, and also take stunning photos from specially equipped viewing platforms;


- a visit to the Salkhino estate, the former summer residence of the Mingrelian princes Dadiani, also belonging to the Murat family, the most famous marshal of the Emperor Napoleon I Bonaparte, the birthplace of the legendary ‘Ojaleshi’, where you can get acquainted with the technology and traditions of its production and, of course, taste an authentic drink under the arches of the old monastery wine cellar accompanied by masterpieces of Mingrelian cuisine: gebzhalia, ghomi, elarji, Mingrelian kupati and kharcho, best suited to this extraordinary wine;


- a night rest and restoration of strength in the small town of Martvili, famous for its Chkondidi Monastery - one of the first and most revered monasteries in Georgia, the family tomb of the princes Dadiani.



Day Seven (At the Road Fork):


Unfortunately, this is where our exciting journey into the wonderful world of West Georgian wines comes to an end. Now you have become a real expert and with ease and grace you can independently present any Georgian wines to your friends, because now these beautiful melodious names have become not just unfamiliar words for you, but the sounds of music, touching the secret strings of the soul and evoking special memories. Now you know what the vine is whispering about, and there are no more secrets for you in Georgian winemaking. Or, nevertheless, is there a certain touch without which this magnificent picture of newly acquired knowledge cannot be considered completely finished?


There is a region in Georgia that has been under Ottoman rule for centuries - Adjaria, which resulted in the almost complete loss of that integral part of the national culture that is called the high art of winemaking. Almost complete, but not entirely. If you feel strength and desire to fill this gap immediately, we suggest that we continue our extraordinary journey and, without wasting time, go straight to the sea, to Batumi, and further, in search of almost lost secrets carefully preserved by the direct descendants of the old Adjarian masters of wine. But it will be a completely different story.



If you are too overwhelmed by the overflowing waterfall of impressions and you need a break from the abundance of unusual adventures, then we will always be happy to see you again, at a time convenient for you. But now:


- return to warm Tbilisi, rest and free time;


- the final gala dinner at one of the best national restaurants in Georgia. A professional toastmaster, legendary Georgian polyphony and, of course, dancing!


They say that all good things come to an end. We, the team of "Tbilisi Sio", strongly disagree with this, therefore we have prepared for you other fascinating journeys in this amazing country. It is in your power to extend this tale, and we will be happy to help you with this - right now or next time.


Always at your service, your "Warm Wind".

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