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A Piece of Soul

Many countries challenge the honour of being the inventor of a noble drink that went down in the history of mankind under the name ‘Wine’. Without pretending to be the ultimate truth, let us point out only one historical fact - the remains of the oldest cultivated vine in the world, dating to about 6000 BC, are found in the territory of modern Georgia. Even turning a blind eye to this event, which undoubtedly testifies in favour of the fact that Georgia is the oldest center of winemaking, ask yourself what, besides legendary hospitality, this country is primarily associated with. Of course, with wine.



Going through the finest facets of taste and aroma, plunging into the sensuality of a divine drink, you can learn something more than simple pleasure - you will be imbued with the history and philosophy of the people for whom the vine and winemaking are not just a national culture, but an inseparable part of the soul.


We will start our exciting journey into the wonderful world of Georgian wine from Eastern Georgia, where we will get acquainted with the famous wines and wine traditions of the Kartli and Kakheti regions. And, of course, do not forget to pay tribute to the amazing chacha and brandy.



In just a few days you will be able to:  


- get acquainted with a diverse palette of East Georgian wines;


- understand the essence of national wine manufacturing technology with the help of leading manufacturers;


- visit modern wine production, historical wine chateau and traditional wine cellars (marani);


- take part in a variety of tastings, where you will be able to master the intricacies of proper acquaintance with new wine;


- find out the most interesting stories of the origin of grape drinks atypical for the Caucasus - brandy and sparkling wines;


- become a true connoisseur of Georgian wine, distinguishing between manufacturing techniques and the quality of the drink;


- make your own unique wine;


- independently present the wines to your friends and acquaintances upon returning home, with the skill of a real expert.



Adventures await you! An unforgettable experience is very close!


You just need to call or contact us in any way that is convenient for you.


We will do the rest.


Small Part of Soul


Tour Program



Day One (Warm City):


- meeting, transfer, hotel accommodation, relaxation;


- lunch and first acquaintance with the famous Georgian supra (feast) to the accompaniment of traditional urban romances;


- a walking tour in old Tiflis, during which you will see ancient temples, impregnable fortresses sung by A.S. Pushkin legendary sulphur baths, authentic courtyards connected by narrow streets and where you will be able to completely immerse in the colourful atmosphere of the ancient and warm city;


- leisure and free time.



Day Two (Kartli - Marani and Mukhrani):


- a trip to the Kartli region, acquaintance with the Kartli viticulture and winemaking, the visiting cards of which are such vintage wines as ‘Goruli Mtsvane’, ‘Chinuri’, ‘Tavkveri’ and ‘Shavkapito’;


- a visit to one of the most important churches in the history of Georgia, which is a symbol of Iberian baptism - the temple of Jvari (Cross) of the 7th century AD, sung by M.Yu. Lermontov in the poem “Mtsyri”;


- a visit to the legendary Chateau Mukhrani with a tour along the vineyards and production and subsequent tasting of premium wines made according to the European technologies;


- a trip to the village marani, acquaintance with the unique Georgian wine-making technology, followed by tasting, smoothly flowing into a real Georgian feast in its rustic version;


- return to your favourite Tbilisi.



Day Three (Supplier of the Court of His Imperial Majesty):


- a visit to the Sarajishvili company, leading its history directly from David Sarajishvili, a student of Jean Baptiste Camus, the founder of industrial production of brandy throughout the Caucasus, the creator of Tbilisi and Kizlyar cognac factories, as well as cognac factories in Yerevan, Baku and Kalarash (Moldova), during which you will be able to learn the secrets of production, carefully preserved by the heirs of the great master and discover all the splendour of an incomparable bouquet of the best varieties of the famous Georgian brandy;


- an excursion to the highest point and one of the main symbols of Tbilisi - the holy mountain of Mtatsminda, during which you will be able to ride a funicular that dates back to 1905, visit the pantheon, where the outstanding Russian poet, playwright, composer and diplomat A.S. Griboedov and his wife N.A. Chavchavadze were buried, go up to the observation platform with stunning views of the whole city, approach the television tower, as well as touching the man-made “Wish Tree”, checking its miraculous power;


- dinner at the Funicular restaurant, located at an altitude of 750 meters, where you can enjoy not only Georgian cuisine in the author's performance of the titled chef, but also an incredible panorama of the ancient city lying in a mountain cradle; and very soon, when the night covers you with its velvet coverlet, you will be able to see how Tbilisi flares up with thousands of colourful lights and enjoy a living reflection of the starry sky.



Day Four (Kakheti - and that says it all):


- a trip to Kakheti - perhaps the most famous region of viticulture and winemaking in Georgia, whose visiting cards are such famous vintage wines as ‘Rkatsiteli’, ‘Tsinandali’, ‘Kisi’, ‘Saperavi’, ‘Kindzmarauli’, ‘Mukuzani’ and, of course, ‘Khikhvi’;


- a visit to an ordinary peasant family where you can bake Georgian Shoti bread in a traditional Tone (a clay oven) with your own hands and check if there is really nothing tastier than home-made bread;


- a trip to the famous city of love - Sighnaghi, known for its incredible views of the Caucasus Range and the Alazani Valley, the most complete collection of works by Niko Pirosmani and the registry office working round-the-clock;


- visit to the Bodbe nunnery, where St. Nino, the saint of Iberia and one of the most revered saints in Georgia, rests;


- a visit to the village marani, where wines are made according to traditional Georgian technology in large clay jugs buried in the ground. There you can also cook churchkhela and make khinkali. Well, at the end of the educational part - the long-awaited village feast with sincere toasts and warm songs!


- a night rest in one of the wine boutique hotels of the small Kakheti town of Kvareli, famous for its relaxing and cosy atmosphere, as if specially created for unity with nature and full recovery of strengths.



Day Five (Wine Watercolours of Kvareli):


- breakfast on the shore of Lake Ilya or Lake Kvareli will be the best start to your day and will give you strength to continue our fascinating immersion in the wonderful world of Georgian winemaking. At your request, you can literally immerse yourself by visiting such a unique spa procedure as bathing in real Georgian wine;


- an excursion to the factory of the Kindzmarauli corporation, where you will learn all about the production of one of the most famous Georgian brands and will visit an exclusive tasting of the plant's products;


-  a trip to the Kvareli wine tunnel of the Khareba company, a producer of premium wines and chacha, obtained exclusively from their own vineyards located in different regions of Georgia, which allows to guarantee the highest quality and unique taste of even the most common wine brands, with the subsequent tasting, according to your desire;


- visit to the Nekresi Monastery of the 6th century AD, a beautiful place with magnificent views of the Alazani Valley, inspiring and energizing with special energy, giving peace and silence, impossible in the mundane bustle. You will be able to visit the monastery’s marani, where you taste the wine made by the monks in accordance with ancient rules and traditions;


- a night rest in the capital of Kakheti, one of the most ancient cities of Georgia, founded in the 1st century AD - Telavi, known to all of us due to immortal genius G.N. Danelia.



Day Six (Telavi - that's no Tel Aviv):


- a tour in Telavi, during which you will visit the beautifully preserved residence of Georgian kings - the Batonis-Tsikhe fortress with the house of King Irakli II; you will be able to touch the 800-year-old plane-tree, officially recognized as the oldest tree in Georgia; you will see the very Telavi airfield where the story of Valiko Mizandari, better known as Mimino, started and ended and, finally, you will pay a visit to the legendary Telavian Marani;


- a trip to the Tsinandali estate, the house-museum of Prince A.G. Chavchavadze, an outstanding poet and public figure, the founder of Georgian romanticism, father-in-law of A.S. Griboedov, where you can taste authentic ‘Tsinandali’;


- return to beloved Telavi, free time and night rest.



Day Seven (All Good Things Come to an End. Or maybe not?):


- a visit to the monastery complex Alaverdi of the 11th century AD, famous for its museum of grapes, where more than 500 endemic varieties of vines grow compactly, the Matsoni House (a traditional Georgian sour-milk treat), which not only serves the monastery matsoni, but also the only ice cream from it in Georgia, and its unique monastery wine, made according to the unchanged technology from the 11th century accompany by songs of monks and exclusively with the blessing of the abbot;


- travel through the Gombori Pass, known for its incredible natural beauties, harmoniously adjacent to historical and architectural sights, well-located observation platforms, as well as local residents who dream of “kidnapping” of passing tourists to have them as their guests;


- return to Tbilisi, rest and free time;


- the final gala dinner at one of the best national restaurants in Georgia. A professional toastmaster, legendary Georgian polyphony and, of course, dancing!


With this, our exciting journey into the wonderful world of East Georgian wines comes to an end. They say that all good things come to an end. We, the team of "Tbilisi Sio", strongly disagree with this. Therefore, we have prepared other fascinating journeys for you in this amazing country. In addition, it is in your power to extend this wine tale by making an unforgettable journey into the world of amazing West Georgian wines to hear the whisper of the vine, and we will be happy to help you with this - right now or next time.


Always at your service, your "Warm Wind".

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